About us

Studio Inqu is a new creative arts space launched in April 2022. Our intimate venue is conveniently located off Cotham Road, close to several neighbourhood wine bars, cafes and restaurants.

A place to learn

We’re a space for the community to learn new skills, connect with others and unwind from the demands of daily life through creative activities.

A place to share

We provide a platform for local artists and makers to share their craft and engage with an interested audience.

A support platform

Our vision is to inspire the local community and support the growth of Melbourne’s arts scene.

Who we are

Jennifer Wheatley

Owner & Artist

Jennifer is busy in her professional and family life but is always keen to explore new pathways. To her, making art is an opportunity to be challenged and develop new skills; to be busy yet relaxed; to be constructive yet having a good time. If this can be made into a social activity – all the better!

When it comes to painting, Jennifer is not afraid to start, to improve by ‘stuffing up’ nor to let her inner child flow onto a canvas, taking shape as a work of art and hang the result on a wall.

She looks forward to like-minded hobby artists and beginners joining us at Studio Inqu to slap some paint on a canvas and have some fun, and maybe even become the next Matisse!    

Sheng Yi Lee

Studio Manager & Teacher

Sheng discovered her love of teaching in 2017, running private art classes for children from her compact inner city apartment. Her young students had as much to teach her about art than the other way around – and this formed her playful, open approach to art education in the following years as a paint and sip host.

In her own art practice, Sheng enjoys rigorously studying subjects that interest her – most recently being vegetables and fruit. You can sometimes find her at the Rose Street Market showcasing her latest work.

You can find her on Instagram @shengyi.lee

A creative arts space in Kew offering classes for all levels.

Shop 3/140 Cotham Road, Kew VIC 3101

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